About The Frog


Designer Einat Burg (34,‭ ‬Tel-Aviv‭) ‬is the‭ ‬visionary of‭ ‬FROG‭

2005 Graduate of ‘Seminar Hakibutzim’ College tel aviv in multi-disciplinary Design Department, she has always demonstrated a strong focus on stage costumes and accessories. In 2007 Burg opened her own studio and FROG label was founded.

Einat’s designs stands out with her singular collection of hand-made theatrical scarves and a wide collection of necklaces hand made from spandex. All created by the use of unique processing technique and manipulations on textile. In her perspective every material has to be explored and used until it reaches its final limit.

The name FROG derives from Burg’s inspirations: Nature’s life cycles, evolutionary metamorphosis. Her creations, rich in texture, shape and flow, undergo several developmental stages through different processing techniques resulting in highly unique designs. Characterized by their dynamic look, the designs transform according to mood or the way they are being worn. Frog items are upgrading and personalizing any outfit.

All items are handmade produced in her studio in Tel Aviv.

FROG collections are sold in high-end boutiques through-out Israel , selected boutiques in the US ,Canada and London