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Ask yourselves – can you wear curiosity? How do you interpret metamorphosis into a fashion item? No, we haven’t woken up wandering in the philosophical world. We might be still dreaming – but that’s because we’re talking about Frog…  Go to site>>


inAccessory cropped


the innovative and versatile designer, original and alternative, specializing in accessories and costumes. The scarves she makes have special techniques, called Knotting.  Her clothing, instead of having different sizes, fits everyone, playing around with the several layers geometrical superposition… Go to site>>

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 טיים אאוט- Time Out Tel-Aviv

הצעיפים שלה מטופלים בקפידה, בעבודת יד סיזיפית וביצירה של שפה עיצובית ייחודית. אי אפשר להתבונן במוצרים שלה בלי לדמיין מדוזה מהמיתולוגיה היוונית, בעלת שיער עשוי נחשים ומבט שמקפיא גברים.

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Design For Designers

צעיפים בעבודת יד- חלקם בעלי מראה תיאטרלי ודרמטי וחלקם יומיומיים יותר. הדגמים משלבים אלמנטים מהעולם הימי, שבטי ע”י חזרה של אותה צורה/פעולה פעמים רבות ודגש על גולמיות הבד והשימוש בצורות בסיסיות. הבד הגולמי משתנה בעקבות מניפולציות עיבוד פשוטות מגוונות (גזירה,קשירה,תפירה,צביעה וכו’..,) וכך נוצר חומר טקסטילי אחר, עשיר בטקסטורה ובצורה, שגם במהלך חייו משנה את צורתו בהתאם לאופן לבישתו… להמשך קריאה באתר>>



in accessory

 מגזין לאישה

עינת קושרת רצועות והופכת אותן לצעיפים שיכולים בקלות לתפקד גם כתכשיטים לצוואר או לשיער… היא אוהבת מגע של חומרים ורוצה לשלב את כל מה שהיא יודעת… הצעיפים מתאימים לחורף וגם לאביב.



in accessory

עיתון הארץ- Ha’aretz Magazine

לאחרונה עיצבה בורג, את קולקציית הצעיפים המדהימה הנקראת “One of Kind” שמכל הדברים בעולם, מזכירים אצות דגים ועוד כל מיני יצורים שחיים במעמקי הים. הצעיפיםבנויים מחוליות המאפשרות להתעטף בהם משחק של קשירה על הצוואר וכך ניתן ליצור בכל פעם מראה תכשיטי מסוגנן אך עם זאת לא מוקפד יתר על המידה.


Frog | Einat Burg | Shawl Madness | December 27.11

•    Einat Burg and her “Frog” fabrics are no strangers to DesignBreak. “Curiosity is a wearable raw material” is one of those sayings that Einat believes in with passion.
Her latest handmade gauze wrap stole shawls defiantly fall under the show stopper category. With the help of model and dancer Tamar Soon, I’m experiencing a shawl madness.
All these magnificent shawls are awaiting at Frog’s Etsy Shop.
{Photos by Gadi Dagon}
You can get in touch with Einat here: designfrog {at} gmail {dot} com

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Tell us a bit about yourself
My name’s Einat Burg, I’m 30 year old designer from Tel-Aviv. I graduated from the Kalisher College Design Department in 2000, with a strong focus on stage costumes and accessories, I founded the label FROG in 2000 and opened my own studio. My designs stands out with her singular collection of hand-made theatrical scarves, created by using special knotting technique. My clothing items uses layers to fit and compliment any type of figure, by playing with winding and wrapping the geometrical and versatile designs. The name FROG comes from the inspiration from animal’s life cycle metamorphosis, as my creations go through metamorphosis throughout different processing techniques, changing fabrics to unique designs, rich in texture and shape. My creations characterize by their ability to changes their look and mood according to the way they are being worn. All the items are versatile, have no sizes, and can upgrade and personalize any outfit. FROG collections are sold in boutiques around Israel and selected stores in the US, Australia Italy and Germany.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
A part from creating things i am having an actor boyfriend and two dogs. we are leaving together in a beautiful apartment in Jaffa near the beach which is a quarter of Tel Aviv where Arabs and  Jews are living together and we are among many artists as musicians, painters and many others that we are working with and influenced by.

What would be the title of your memoir? Why?
The  title of my  memoir will be “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” (Albert Einstein)I believe that we have to dream and imagine cause this is the only way to achieve,to create and to see and find the love that hiding in people and in material.
Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration is coming from animals, weather, the way people behave, nature and human nature, the nature of the material, old woman sitting on a bench and the all the things that i did not discovered yet.

What does handmade mean to you?
Handmade means to me express all the range of your emotions, fantasies, love, longings, rages, frustrations. To be alive?
Who has been most influential in your craft?
The most influential in my craft is the designerscomme des garcones and yohji Yamamoto.

When did you know you were an artist/maker?
I know I were an artist when looked for a name for my brand and finally found it.
Please describe your creative process.
I describe my creating process as an intensive and stubborn dialog with the material.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
The handmade possession i most cherish is a wool carpet my grandma did 50 years ago…

How do you get out of your creative ruts?
I am going to breath fresh air coming from the sea and just stairing the horizon.
In ten years, where would you like to be?
I would like to live in the country and do things i have never thinki am about to do…

more info: designfrog

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We just felt in love when we first saw the store of Einat
She is an art school graduated designer which ispects the details of fabric and textile manipulation.”As an art school graduate my designs inspect the details of fabric and textile manipulation, until it becomes a whole new and fascinating material. The accents of my work is to explore the process and changeability of different materials and finally capturing it in a finished product.” – Einat herself. We see the love of the work and fabrics back in the designs we got from Einat. We’ve decided to style 3 necklaces in 3 very different ways:

Do you like the designs and would love to buy one? You can visit Frog and use our special discount code: : DESIRESBYUS10  for 10% off for all items.

Click here to go to the store

SATURDAY, MAY 10, 2014 IYYAR 10, 5774 10:47 PM IDT
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Accessorize the fall wardrobe
Well-known, and soon to be well-known designers present their clothes and accessories for the season
BY JESSICA STEINBERG September 27, 2013, 1:28 pm
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Jessica SteinbergJessica Steinberg covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center.
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With the holidays over and the cold weather getting a tad closer — finally — it’s time to sharpen up the fall wardrobe. Sandals and sleeveless options are heading to the back of the closet, while sweaters, sleeves and closed shoes are re-entering the wardrobe, and, yes, it’s time.
Yet while we’re beginning to feel that chill in the air, it’s not as if winter is fast approaching. That takes some time, even into November, and in certain parts of the country, a winter coat is never actually necessary, except, perhaps, on the rainiest of days.
That’s why many local designers only design two collections each year, one for the long summer, and another for the fall/winter season.
“We don’t need more than that,” shrugged KedemSasson, during a recent morning in his Tel Aviv studio. “Israeli-designed clothes work for most of the year.”
Still, you need to gussy up last year’s standards with some fresh pieces and accessories. Check out our picks below for what to look for this season.

At a KedemSasson photo shoot (Courtesy KedemSasson)
1. Think about a piece from KedemSasson, king of conceptual clothing, designed in blowsy, full lines, made for all sorts of sizes, from tall and slim to those of average height and perhaps slightly less slim than they used to be. Having just returned from a summer trip to Kenya, where he styled, designed and photo shot his work in African environs, Sasson’s fall collection is full of his usual monochrome grays and blacks, but brightened by azure blue or tweed jackets. What’s more, many of the pieces can be worn in different ways, first buttoned as a dress, then opened for a jacket, and, for the most part, as said, can be worn any time of year. “My clothes are for endless seasons,” said Sasson, during a recent fitting. “I’m all about fitting women.”
KedemSasson, with stores around the country.
2.  Don’t feel like investing in clothing? Understandable. It can get pricey. Think about updating last year’s pieces with jewelry. YanivBaranes hasn’t even started selling his one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets in stores, but the hardware-conceived pieces are sure to thrill buyers. Baranes started playing with his father’s hardware store washers and bolts back when he was still a kid, and his dad had hopes that he’d end up running the store. But the Shenkar-trained graduate went in a different direction, first making a curtain for his one-bedroom apartment out of washers, and then experimented with dipping the metal pieces in electrostatic tubs of black paint. Now he’s stringing them together — painstakingly — in modern breastplate necklaces and chunky bracelets. “I didn’t think I’d do this,” said Baranes, who markets his handmade jewelry via Instagram. “But I love figuring it out.”

Washers, nuts and bolts, by YanivBaranes (photo credit: SherbanLupu)
YanivBaranes on Instagram, and on Facebook, ranging in price from NIS 200 to NIS 800.
3. For another accessory addition, try Guy Gil on Sheinkin in Tel Aviv. The former Jerusalem-bred hairdresser was biding time in the clothing store he owned in Tel Aviv when he started playing around with beads and plastic pieces, eventually hitting upon his intensely colorful combinations of necklaces, earrings and bracelets that he now sells in his Sheinkin store. He sculpts the plastic pieces himself, laser cutting sheets of bright plastic into various shapes that are then strung with the beads Gil collects and buys. “I want each piece to stand out,” said Gil, “and mine are one-offs. When you wear one, you know no one else is going to be wearing the exact same thing.”

Just one of Guy Gil’s supremely colorful, playful necklaces (Courtesy Guy Gil)
The Wonderful World of Guy Gil (HaOlamHaMuflashel Guy Gil), 34 Sheinkin, and also available via Facebook, Marmelada Market, ranging in price from NIS 149 to NIS 420.

Swimwuit fabric stretched over elasticized innards, creating a scarflike necklace (Courtesy Einat Burg/FROG)
4. How about a scarf made of swimsuit fabric? Einat Burg was working in stage costumes when she found herself playing around with scraps of fabric, fashioning light-as-a-feather necklaces and scarves. The 33-year-old Tel Aviv designer, a graduate of the Kibbutzim College, founded the label FROG, specializing in her unique method of processing textiles. She uses layers upon layers to compliment different bodies and figures, winding and wrapping the geometrical and versatile designs. “My creations can change their look and mood according to the way they’re worn,” said Burg. “Every item is versatile, and can upgrade any outfit.”
FROG collections are sold in selected boutiques around Israel and via her website.
5. It’s just about time to throw a little something on in the cool evening air, like a bamboo sweater or soy shawl. Try Toosha, from mother-and-daughter pair Tom and TzameretMoatty, who started playing with bamboo threads while Tom was still studying at Shenkar, and realized they were onto something. They now import bamboo, soy and cotton thread from abroad, and then dye and weave their featherlight scarves and sweaters in a palate of muted, quiet hues in their Jaffa studio. What’s wonderful about the sweaters is that they’re cool to wear when it’s hot out, and warm when it’s cool out.